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Manual Installation under Linux

Installing the Extension

CAUTION! Please make sure no "soffice" processes are still running.

  • Open a root shell (console command sudo -s -H)
  • Set the correct umask, so that normal users don't lose read and execute rights:
umask 022
  • Uninstall any old OOo extension with following command:
unopkg remove WollMux.oxt --shared
  • To install the new OOo extension:
unopkg add --shared <DIR>/WollMux.oxt

For a user-level installation the option "--shared" can be omitted, although this is not recommended. Running WollMux installations system-wide and WollMux installations at the user level concurrently can cause problems. WollMux does not support this, therefore.

Installing the WollMuxBar

The WollMuxBar can then be started with the console command wollmuxbar or (using the complete path) /usr/bin/wollmuxbar. You can create a corresponding shortcut on the desktop.

If you use LibreOffice, please see Tips for starting the WollMuxBar with LibreOffice.


EXE Installer for Windows

There is an EXE installer for Windows (wollmux-<VERSION>-installer.exe) available. It will install WollMux as well as the WollMuxBar on your system, and (optionally) shortcuts on the desktop und in the Start menu.


  • To successfully run the EXE installer you need Administrator privileges.
  • The EXE installer attempts to close any OpenOffice windows that may be open before installation.
  • Installation with the EXE installer always takes place system-wide, i.e. desktop and Start menu shortcuts, as well as uninstaller entries, are installed for all users. The extension is installed as if the console command unopkg add --shared had been given.
  • and Java must be installed on your system before installation.

Unattended Installation

The EXE installer allows unattended installation, that is, during installation no user interaction is required and no GUI is displayed. To run the EXE installer in this mode, add the option --SILENT oder /S after the executable file name (The uninstaller wollmux_unistall.exe only recognizes the /S option):

wollmux-<VERSION>-installer.exe --SILENT

Note: If you run the installer with the '--SILENT or /S option, you will receive no message as to whether the installation was successful or not.

The EXE installer installs WollMux + WollMuxBar as a default in the directory C:\Program Files\wollmux and places shortcuts in the Start menu and on the desktop. If you want to change this behavior for an unattended installation, you have the following command line options available (case-insensitive and order-insensitive):

Determines the installation directory for WollMux.
Indicates that the installer should not create Start menu shortcuts.
Indicates that the installer should not create desktop shortcuts.
Indicates that installer should perform a user-level installation, and not a system-wide installation for all users.
CAUTION: In general, this option is NOT advisable! The uninstaller generated by the EXE installer does not support this option. This means uninstalling Wollmux using the uninstaller won't work. In addition, mixing user-level and system-level installations can lead to problems and is not supported by Wollmux. If you do choose this option, however, you can run the installer without Administrator privileges.
This command line option, which also works with the uninstaller, prevents any attempt to stop existing "soffice" processes while installing or uninstalling. Without this option, the installer attempts to end "soffice" processes cleanly, using a Java tool; in certain scenarios this can, however,lead to problems (for example, when the WollMuxBar is started with the Quickstarter option), preventing the installer from performing a clean installation. If this happens, please use the NOKILL option, making certain before running the installer that no "soffice" processes are running any longer. CAUTION: If you're going to use the installer with LibreOffice, use of the NOKILL option is mandatory!
If this option is given, the installer first tries to find an installation. Only if no installation is found will it look for a LibreOffice installation to use. If you want to bypass installation for and install for LibreOffice exclusively, use the --LIBRE option. CAUTION: If you're going to use the EXE installer with LibreOffice, setting the NOKILL option is mandatory! See also Tips for starting the WollMuxBar with LibreOffice.

You want to perform an unattended installation in the directory E:\Example\WollMux. There should be no Start menu entry (but you do want a link on the desktop):

wollmux-<VERSION>-installer.exe --SILENT --INSTDIR="E:\Example\WollMux" --NOSTARTMENU

Manual Installation under Windows

Installing the extension

The UNO package WollMux.oxt can be installed for a single user or system-wide for all users. For a Single-user installation the following steps are required:

  • Prerequisite: has been completely installed, and started at least once, so that user-specific initial setup has already been performed.
  • Download the WollMux.oxt package of the desired version to a directory of your choice <DIR>.
  • Close all open OOo windows, the Quickstarter in the taskbar next to the clock, and the WollMuxBar.

CAUTION! Using Task Manager, please make sure no "soffice" processes are still running. If they are, use Task Manager to stop them.

  • Install the UNO package with the following command, using values suitable for your environment:
    • <OOo_Path>: The full path to the directory where is installed. Ex. "C:\Program Files\ 3".
    • <DIR>: Location (full path) of the downloaded Wollmux package.
"<OOo_Path>\program\unopkg" add "<DIR>\WollMux.oxt"

For System-wide installation add the command line option "--shared". The appropriate command, requiring Administrator privileges, looks like this:

"<OOo_Path>\program\unopkg" add "<DIR>\WollMux.oxt" --shared

If you want to uninstall WollMux.oxt system-wide, run the following command, again requiring Administrator privileges:

"<OOo_Path>\program\unopkg" remove WollMux.oxt --shared

Installing the WollMuxBar

  • Create the directory where you want the WollMuxBar to be installed, for example C:\Program Files\wollmux
  • Download the files WollMuxBar.jar and wollmuxbar.exe and copy them into the directory you just created.

Start the WollMuxBar by simply double-clicking wollmuxbar.exe (a Java JRE installation is required). You can create shortcuts to wollmuxbar.exe on the desktop or the Start menu if you like.

Install using LibreOffice Portable

See WollMux with LibreOffice Portable

If you use LibreOffice, please see Tips for starting the WollMuxBar with LibreOffice.