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The pages of this category represent the WollMux Administrator Handbook.

The documentation was primarily created for internal use by the City of Munich, so you will often find references to municipal departments or similar internal references in the documentation. Some links will be dead, because they lead to other internal content of the City of Munich that is not replicated here.


The following directory will help you get an access to the documentation.

How can I get WollMux running?

First, read Download WollMux and Installing WollMux, then Configuring WollMux.

What possibilties for adaptation does WollMux offer?

First, read Configuring_WollMux, then Configuration_file_wollmux.conf.

I want to create a template/a form.

Read Text_fragments_in_wollmux , then FormularMax Handbook (PDF) and, last but not least, WollMux_document_commands.

I want to gain a better understanding of the technical details of WollMux.

First, read Text_fragments_in_wollmux, then Formatting_WollMux_config_files, and then Configuration_file_wollmux.conf, followed by WollMux_document_commands.

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