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Wollmux logo medium.gif - Munich's letterhead and form system

The Wollmux is an extension for / LibreOffice developed by the City Administration of Munich. WollMux adds additional functionality to / LibreOffice, making the handling of templates, forms and letterheads much easier. Because WollMux is open source and available for everyone, it is also used by other public administrative bodies and corporations.

To find out what WollMux can do, have a look at WollMux Features (German only)

12. April 2016

WollMux 16.04 und WollMux-Konfiguration 16.04 veröffentlicht.
Diese Version ist unstable, da sie bei der Landeshauptstadt München nicht vollständig getestet wurde.
Eine detaillierte Auflistung der Änderungen findet sich in den Releasenotes.
Der WollMux 16.04 kann im Downloadbereich heruntergeladen werden.


Download WollMux

WollMux configuration is necessary to use all features of the WollMux!


WollMux Handbook - Howto manuals for WollMux and its configuration.

FormularMax Handbook (PDF) - Manual to create forms with WollMux (FM4000).

WollMux-Seriendruck (PDF - German language) - Manual for the mail merge

Mailing lists - for further help use our mailing lists.

Source Code

WollMux is an open source project (licensed under European Union Public License). The source code can be found in our source code repository.

Instructions on how to check out the source code from the repository and how to compile WollMux can be found on the Wiki Page Repository.

If you have further questions use our mailing lists.


Bugs in WollMux can be submitted using the public issue tracker on GitHub.


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